Swiss Certificate in social entrepreneurship

“We want to help you fast track your entry into Social Entrepreneurship and and designed a four course curriculum which will accelerate your path to success”

Winston Graf - College Regent

Swiss Certificate in social entrepreneurship

In less than six months, you can be the master of your own destiny with your Swiss Certificate in Social  Entrepreneurship.  We have created a four course academic track which is designed systematically demonstrate the steps to building a social enterprise, market your new venture and get the funding you need to succeed.

Unlock Your Potential

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Included courses in your certificate programme

Social Impact Entrepreneurship 101

Social entrepreneurship is a revolution occurring around the world today. Social Entrepreneurs are developing innovative sustainable solutions in response to social and environmental challenges.

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Social Impact Marketing

Designing and Marketing Your Solution 102

This course will help you focus your vision, mission and value proposition around your end users.  Finally,  you will gain continuing insight into the theory of change and how your venture is an expression of your values.

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Business Model Design and Funding 103

Now that you have acquired knowledge of design, marketing and co-creation, it is time to explore how you will deliver, measure and pitch your solution. Effective Communication is the answer.

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Building a High Performance Social Enterprise 104

It is now time to build a high performance social enterprise. You will learn how to fund your venture and identify the talent and skills needed to build your organisation.

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